Business Storage

Want to keep your business items out of the office or warehouse and easily accessible?  Free up valuable space by storing files, records, excess inventory, furniture, equipment, seasonal displays, and much more. 

We are conveniently located next to the Harbor Bay Business Park and just a few minutes from the Oakland Airport / Hegenberger business district.  Whether your business needs are for construction, real estate, retail or office, Harbor Bay RV & Storage provides safe, fast and convenient access 7 days a week.

HBS is a great storage facility, with good access by car, train and bus. The manager takes good care of the premises. We felt welcome and had a quick answer to our questions. We will definitely come back when we need storage again.

T & D

Many Features

There's a reason to choose Harbor Bay Storage


143 units have interior access and are walk-in units and remaining 240 have exterior, drive-up access.

Alarmed Units

383 indoor storage units fitted with individual alarms.

Size Matters

Indoor storage units range in size from 4′ X 5′ up to 10′ X 30′.


Surveillance cameras at gate entrances are recorded by access code as well as on CCTV.

All Units

All units are nine feet tall and located on ground floor.

Storage Sizes & Rates



Size Price
4′ X 5′ Interior $105
5′ X 6′ Interior $125

Small furniture such as a chest of drawers or chair, plus boxes and miscellaneous small items. Office or personal records, and/or workmen’s tools and equipment.

Size Price
5′ X 10′ Interior $160
5′ X 10′ Exterior $180

Some furniture – for example, a couch and chair, chest of drawers or dresser, spring and mattress set, plus small items and boxes. Outdoor furniture, lawn mowers, garden tools, etc. Bicycles and/or Motorcycles.



Size Price
6′ X 10′ Interior $185
6′ X 10′ Exterior $192

Some small furniture – such as sofa (stood on end), chest of drawers / dresser, box springs and mattress set, etc. Small one bedroom or studio apartment.

Size Price
5′ X 14′ Interior $199
10′ X 10′ Interior $235
10′ X 10′ Exterior $245

Furniture from a small one-bedroom apartment without appliances, small boxes and small items.



Size Price
10′ X 15′ Exterior $320

Furniture from a two-bedroom apartment or house, miscellaneous items and cartons. A small car can be stored if unit has a garage door. (Yugo/Mini Cooper)

Size Price
10′ X 20′ Exterior $395

Furniture from a two-bedroom apartment or House with appliances, miscellaneous items and cartons. Also may be used to store a car or truck and other smaller items.

Size Price
10′ X 25′ Exterior $425
10′ X 30′ Exterior $450

Furniture from a large two-bedroom house with appliances, miscellaneous items and cartons. Or, goods and surplus stock from business.

Why Choose Us?

For your business storage needs
383 indoor storage units

that protect your belongings from adverse weather

Service & Support

Fast and convenient access 7 days a week. Warm and inviting “customer-first” service

Conveniently Located

next to the Harbor Bay Business Park

Don’t Forget Supplies

Eliminate the need to make several stops along the way.


Getting Started

Choose a Size

Parking or storage space. Determine which size or space fits your needs.

Make a Reservation

It’s easy. Just call, submit an application or drop by.

Waiting to Serve You

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is waiting to serve you.  Come by the front desk and we’ll show you to your storage locker.